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RM MOTEUR is a proud member of North-America’s first Motor Rebuilders Association.

RM MOTOR is happy to serve its clients following original manufacturer’s high North-American, European & Asian specifications & standards.

At all times, locally manufactured or imported motors are rebuilt according to their manufacturer’s original specifications.

Trust RM MOTOR to rebuild any motor reproducing performances initially conceived of, when originally manufactured.


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On July 1, 1922 the Midwest Regrinders Association was formed and held its initial annual meeting in Des Moines, Iowa. This meeting gave birth to the 1st Engine Builders Association in North-America.

The Association was incorporated in 1939. The Association Bylaws list as its purposes: “the development and encouragement of high standards of workmanship and ethics among its members, the improvement of business conditions through the exchange of information and ideas, and the promotion of the common business interests of persons and organizations engaged in the rebuilding of internal combustion engines or basic internal components of such engines.”


The Association today has over 3,000 members worldwide, with members mainly in the United States and Canada, but also in Latin America, Europe and even Africa.

Service to our members is our highest priority, whether it be through our publications, the web or in meetings and seminars.

Today, this association is a network of professional engine builders, rebuilders and installers with the expertise and connections to provide you with the right answers when you need them.

AERA has established a “Standards of Service” document for both gasoline and diesel engines.

These documents define the standards for a rebuilt/remanufactured engine and have clearly differentiated a professionally rebuilt/remanufactured engine from a repaired, partially rebuilt or second hand exchange engine.

In addition to active shop members, AERA welcomes suppliers/manufacturers, manufacturer reps and schools to our membership.