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PERKINS ENGINEREBUILDERS: Your Perkins engine can be rebuilt to perfection at RM MOTOR, in Montreal.

Perkins engine can be reconstructed to perform as a brand new Perkins engine again, by Perkins engine specialists RM MOTOR in Montreal. A high powered diesel or gas Perkins engine is in a class of its own.

But rebuilding a Perkins engine is similar to rebuilding other diesel or gas engines. Since Perkins engine is an internal combustion engine, it also needs highly precise work to get it to perform like a great new Perkins engine again.

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A Montreal Perkins engine can be rebuilt by Perkins engine expert RM MOTEUR. A Perkins engine will be perfectly redone like new and be able to serve again for a whole new Perkins engine life cycle. (More)

Even a Perkins engine gets to need repairs or gets redone at one point for better performance. A rebuilt Perkins engine will extend your vehicle’s life for years to come. A complete Perkins engine rebuilding even stops crankshaft torsion in an old Perkins engine. RM does great Perkins engine rebuilding by machining all basic Perkins engine parts or RM will remanufacture any missing Perkins engine parts needed.

A refurbished Perkins engine is one of the engines rebuilt at Montreal’s RM MOTOR. The highly specialized personnel and equipment they possess can rebuilt any engines like a broken down Perkins engine.



Any Perkins engine can be refurbished right here in Montreal. Ask the best engine rebuilders around to refurbish your Perkins engine and get your vehicle running again like new with a re-powered Perkins engine.(More)

Perkins engine rebuilding can only be achieved by Perkins engine specialists. Not every garage can rebuild a Perkins engine. With all specialized engine rebuilding equipment that’s needed to remake a Perkins engine, only major engine rebuilders can handle a run-down Perkins engine and make it run like a new one again. RM’s huge Perkins engine rebuilding plant in Montreal is one of Canada’s finest Perkins engine rebuilding facilities.



Rebuilding a Perkins engine can easily get done in Montreal, for any Perkins engine. Throughout the years, RM has rebuilt all sorts of engines, including the great Perkins engine. (More)

Your Perkins engine will be perfectly rebuilt no matter the size of your Perkins engine. No matter what type of problem your Perkins engine has, Montreal’s RM MOTEUR will get your Perkins engine running like a new one.

Getting full power from all Perkins engine cylinders is the only way to maintain full throttle from a Perkins engine. Any Perkins engine having lived a long life and having pistons move up and down billions of times will breakdown at one point.

Perkins engine have cylinders and pistons that work together to get power transferred to the transmission. When these parts are broken down, even the best Perkins engine can’t perform as well. This is when RM gets to refurbish a broken down Perkins engine to see the same Perkins engine perform like a brand new one again.



Benefit from our fully-equipped Montreal Perkins engine rebuilding motor shop. Similarly to Perkins engine, we make all types of engine rebuilding, including truck and marine engines. Get us to remake your Perkins engine if it’s not running smoothly. Get a rebuilt Perkins engine for much less than buying a new Perkins engine. (More)

All engines have specific specifications, including a Perkins engine. To rebuild a Perkins engine, RM has all the know-how and experience to treat your Perkins engine well and make it hum again.

Montreal’s RM MOTEUR mechanics can easily rebuilt any defective Perkins engine any day of the week, on their 10 workstations, enabling more that one Perkins engine to be rebuilt simultaneously. See our full 25 mechanic staff to get your Perkins engine running like a new one again.


Come and see our Perkins engine refurbishing equipment and staff in Montreal.


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