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CRANKSHAFT MONTREAL - Crankshaft repair by RMMOTEUR Montreal.

Crankshaft repair is an important job to get done right. The crankshaft is a major part of the engine and allows for transforming linear power into rotary power. Since wheel power and traction are the results of a perfectly functioning crankshaft, crankshaft repairs must be perfect to maintain full rotary power to a vehicle. To convert the reciprocal and linear motion of a piston into usable rotation, the crankshaft uses crank throws or crankpins as well as additional bearing surfaces having their axis correctly offset from the actual crankshaft axis where the bigger end of their connecting rods attach to each cylinder.

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crankshaft connects to a flywheel and must eliminate any four or multiple-stroke cycle pulsating characteristic (More)

crankshaft can rotate at very high speeds. That’s why a crankshaft must be perfectly balanced and fine-tuned to transform the maximum linear power of the motor into its rotary equivalent without generating damaging torsions or vibrations. A repaired crankshaft, just like a brand new crankshaft must possess an effective damper at its opposite end to minimize torsion vibrations often caused along the crankshaft length by cylinders that are farthest from the output end that tend to act on the torsional elasticity of the metal. All these minute adjustments must be perfect to get a crankshaft to act as it’s supposed to and behave as perfectly as any EOM crankshaft would. crankshaft Montreal repair shop RMMOTEUR has all the necessary equipment to make a perfect crankshaft repair on all motor types, old or new, car or truck, diesel or gas-powered.


Crankshaft Montreal repairs are done in our top-of-the-line, 22,000 sq. ft. machine shop. (More)

Crankshaft repairs are one of the most delicate repair jobs around. Only highly experiences tradesmen can do a good-as-new crankshaft repair job able to withstand long-term, motor-pounding stress. Our crankshaft Montreal repair shop has every piece of machinery and equipment enabling us to repair whatever type of crankshaft that needs to be fixed, on the spot. Our more than 20 years of hands-on motors repairs of all types has allowed us to develop crankshaftexpertise like no other in the greater Montreal region. We deliver the best crankshaft repairs in Montreal, Quebec and guarantee our crankshaft repairs to the fullest. Feel free to call on us for any crankshaft repairs you might need and visit our huge machine shop filled with any motor-repair equipment you might need, making us the most competent and best-equipped crankshaft repair garage around.


Crankshaft Montreal handles all sized crankshaft repairs, on all makes of vehicles. (More)

crankshaft is found in small and large motors alike having multicylinders. The complex shape of a crankshaft fits the number of pistons transforming their explosive power into the rotation power needed to get vehicles running with all available power. Individual piston strokes must synch with the crankshaft design to create an even flow of power transfer from each individual piston to a central force delivery systems represented by the crankshaft. A crankshaft will have a central rotation axis from which it can power-up vehicle wheels. As a crankshaft gets high lateral stress loads from each of the multiple cylinders composing an engine, this crankshaft must also be supported by added bearings besides the one found on each end of the crankshaft.


Our efficient crankshaft repair takes into consideration the overall state of the motor to get maximum positive torque where it’s needed. Balancingcrankshaft rotation must be done on a full set of well-working pistons and smooth bearings to deliver its best results for years to come. (More)

Each motor type, make and manufacturer designs each crankshaft to optimize fuel efficiency, minimize heat production and coordinate all motor parts into a single, perfectly-integrated power delivery system. This perfect power unit must be considered as a whole when repairing a crankshaft to get back to the original specifications the original crankshaft maker determined. To do just that, every crankshaft repair, adjustment or refitting must recreate original parameters to recover the engine’s full capacity. Fixing a broken crankshaft is much cheaper than buying a new motor, so making the right choice for crankshaft repairs is paramount in not only fixing your broken crankshaft, but in saving money as well. 

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