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In a motor engine, a cylinder head is placed just above each of the motor’s cylinders creating the motor’s combustion chambers. The joint created with thecylinder head is sealed with a head gasket. The cylinder head provides adequate space for air and fuel to reach the inside of the cylinder as well as go out as exhaust. A cylinder head also received valves, spark plugs and fuel injectors. The proper fitting of a cylinder head is paramount for having a good motor compression. A cylinder head that needs fixing or replacing can give back compression to a failing motor.

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In a flathead or side valve engine, the cylinder head contains parts of the valve train and the cylinder head is bolted to the top of the block itself. This cylinder head assembly variation minimizes moving parts inside the cylinder head and enables simpler manufacturing and repair. That’s why these types of motors having this kind of cylinder head were very popular in earlier motor cars and are still in use today in smaller engines. If you possess such a motor with that type of cylinder head in your vehicle, we can fix it if it needs repair. Many older cars have that sort of cylinder head limiting air flow’s ability to proceed in a straight manner for better motor performances. These cylinder head designs are still in use in some of the older vehicles we still take pleasure in repairing.


cylinder head design needs to be precise and repairing a cylinder head can only be done by well-trained and well-equipped experts. (More)

No matter what type of motor, a cylinder head has to play its part to achieve full engine power. On the inside of a cylinder head, airways allowing fuel and air to pass must also allow exhaust gasses to be expelled through the same cylinder head structure. A water-cooled engine also has cylinder head integral ducts and passage ways for the engine’s coolant mixture to transfer built-up heat away from the cylinder head and the whole of the engine, reducing cylinder headmetal torque or wear and tear from exceedingly high temperatures. Fixing a cylinder head depends on the type of motor and requires special machining tools to properly fit the cylinder head to the motor’s body


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For an Overhead Valve design, the cylinder head contains poppet valves as well as the motor’s spark plugs. The cylinder head also holds the needed space to let the air and fuel mixture to get into the cylinder, and to get out as exhaust fumes. Valves are operated by a crankshaft fitted into the cylinder block itself. Thecylinder head also includes the valve’s pushrods and the rocker arms allowing for power to be driven to the transmission. A perfect cylinder head will hold everything running smoothly, but if a cylinder head doesn’t perform perfectly, the cylinder head must be fixed, remade or changed to get back all the motor’s power. RMMOTEUR can fix, remodel or replace any type of cylinder head in no time at all.


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A cylinder head can also be found in another type of motor. This OVC design has a cylinder head also containing valves, spark plugs and intake – exhaust tracts. In this design, the camshaft is kept inside the cylinder head. These design variations are basic to cylinder head repair and only expert mechanics can do what’s right to get a perfectly working cylinder head do its job properly. So many motor and cylinder head designs exists that you’ll always be better served for your cylinder head repairs if you deal with the best cylinder head mechanics around, like the ones at RMMOTEUR, in Montreal.

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