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Engine rebuild is a valid way to maintain your vehicle in pristine running condition. Motors are the heart of all vehicles and having an engine rebuild may become a necessary fix to keep your vehicle from ending up in the dumpster.engine rebuild needs to be done by knowledgeable people who know what they’re doing. So many different motor models are in circulation so an engine rebuild has to be done the right way. Some engine rebuild may need more time to reconfigure cylinders and pistons while other engine rebuild jobs would need some crankshaft work.


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Engine rebuild in the Montreal area can be dealt with by experts who are totally familiar with all aspects of engine rebuild jobs. (More)

An engine rebuild job handled in the greater Montreal area is convenient as well as economical when done right the first time. Special engine rebuild machinery and equipment are needed to do an engine rebuild job as good as the original motor, if not better. The advantage in doing a engine rebuild is to get all parts refitted together in even a more precise way than when it was first put together at the manufacturer’s plant. engine rebuild jobs enable fine-tuning of all individual parts and testing. That’s why people in need of an engine rebuild job come to RMMOTEUR to benefit from the Perron Family’s expertise in engine rebuild for more than 20 years, in the greater Montreal area. Considering that they carry all sorts of motor pieces and that they’re fully equipped allows for a faster and complete engine rebuild job.


An engine rebuild job available in Montreal’s best-equipped engine rebuild workshop is the way to go to get a perfect-running machine, with the right type ofengine rebuild done on the spot. (More)

Engine rebuild experts work with all possible specialized work tools allowing them to handle new or old motors in need of partial or complete engine rebuildprocedures. Being able to move a motor during its engine rebuild job from one area of our huge 22,000 sq. ft. plant allows every step of the engine rebuildprocess to be done in the right sequence. The Perron Family is totally dedicated to fixing all types of engine rebuild jobs to get all types of vehicle running again. They can engine rebuild an old collector’s prize-winning car to a military tank’s diesel motor, and everything in between. If you’ve got a job to be done on your vehicle, come to RMMOTEUR’s shop and see what can be done for your engine rebuild job.


Montreal engine rebuild jobs are easily accessible from their Montreal-North plant, close to Metropolitan Blvd. They can get your motor running and deliver it too after finishing their engine rebuild job for you. (More)

You can be confident that all engine rebuild done at RMMOTEUR are executed by the best, top-of-the-line mechanics available that have seen it all before! Every member of RMMOTEUR’s staff is fully trained in all aspects of engine rebuild activities and continues to learn more on every motor coming out of today’s assembly lines. Be it for marine engine rebuild or industrial engine rebuild jobs, they’ll get the job right. Often, they’ll investigate a motor’s problems until they’ve mapped-out all possible problems before starting engine rebuild jobs to plan the work well in advance and schedule all needed equipment to be used for anengine rebuild job.


RMMOTEUR’s expertise allows them to look-out for any unusual motor problems in need of engine rebuild fix or as a prevention to maintain a motor’s full power and value for years to come. (More)

It’s a known fact that every motor has its own specs to maintain its full value and performance. engine rebuild jobs must take into account every motor’s strengths and weaknesses so to get everything humming smoothly along after an engine rebuild procedure. engine rebuild knowhow, tools, space & expertise is all that’s needed to for an astonishing engine rebuild job on your motor. RMMOTEUR’s clients can rest assured that their engine rebuild jobs will be done fast and economically by long-standing professionals using today’s leading equipment for engine rebuild that will maintain any vehicle’s value and performance for years to come. Come see RMMOTEUR’s facilities and enjoy a complete engine rebuild of your motor when needed. 

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