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ENGINE REBUILDERS IN MONTREAL - RMMOTEUR is Montreal’s foremost engine rebuilders.

Engine rebuilders are worth their weight in gold! Engine rebuilders are the ones you need to get a problem motor running perfectly again. Giving your broken-down engine to Engine rebuilders like the ones at RMMOTEUR is the best way to get a perfect engine rebuilt in the whole of Montreal. When economy and performance are major factors, Engine rebuilders will save you a bundle while rebuilding an even better motor than what was created at the original motor plant. Engine rebuilders work on only one engine at a time. They machine all of its parts individually and quality-control them one by one before reassembling them into a smooth-running unit.


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Finding competent engine rebuilders right here in Montreal is a must to get your run-down motor running fast and smooth. RMMOTEUR will pick-up and deliver any motor their engine rebuilders will have fixed. (More)

The great thing about finding expert engine rebuilders is that you’re also sure that they’ll have all the sophisticated work tools relating to their job. RMMOTEUR’s plant possesses all the required equipment all engine rebuilders would want. Equipped with such motor repair machines, their engine rebuilders can do their job with utmost speed and confidence that the finished engine will work perfectly well for extended periods. After RMMOTEUR’s engine rebuilders have redone your motor, they’ll reinstall it in your vehicle as if it had never left it! Only certified engine rebuilders can effectively fix a ruined motor to the point of total performance.


RMMOTEUR’s engine rebuilders also deliver their refurbished engine with their full engine rebuilders’ warrantyengine rebuilders must also be able to deal with all makes of motors, no matter in what type of vehicle it may be installed in. (More)

The Perron Family are prime engine rebuilders in Montreal. They’ve been engine rebuilders since 1979 and have worked on all motor brands and types. engine rebuilders that care about their clients are scarce. Only a family-oriented company of specialized engine rebuilders such as RMMOTEUR’s can effectively deliver its promises. If you’ve got a single fuel-engine or a fleet of diesel engines to keep running, RMMOTEUR’s engine rebuilders will always deliver their best work for you. 


In fact, engine rebuilders can only bee as good as their collective experience and their tools. That’s why anybody in need of effective engine rebuilders can only go for the team that has the most to offer : MONTREAL’S RMMOTEUR. (More)

Since engine rebuilders deal with all motor types and ages, engine rebuilders need to understand them quite completely to pull them apart and rebuild them as good as new, if not better. Military engines or marine motors aren’t the same, not to mention that commercial and industrial trucks too have their fundamental differences. For best results, get yourself a team of engine rebuilders that have seen it all and that have succeeded time over time to fix all of those different engines needing expert engine rebuilders’ capabilities. 


There’s nothing like walking into a 22,000 sq. ft. plant, at RMMOTEUR’s, to understand the complexity that engine rebuilders must face everyday in theirengine rebuilders’ world.(More)

engine rebuilders love what they do. They like the challenge of facing a new problem and solving it. Real engine rebuilders will take the time to evaluate all aspects of a broken engine and will fix all parts, including adjusting or replacing those that have seen wear and tear so to deliver a completely overhauled engine to their clients. Trustworthy engine rebuilders save company woes and promote safety for vehicle fleets and their drivers.

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