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rebuilt engine from RMMOTEUR is a work of mechanical ART. When you need arebuilt engine, it’s because you’ve already been through a lot of problems with it. If you’re a commercial fleet owner, a motor problem isn’t what you want to come to work to every morning. That’s where a rebuilt engine solves the problem. But, you may ask, where should I get that rebuilt engine done? If you’re in the greater Montréal area, you’ll be happy to learn that RMMOTEUR is the best-known and respected rebuilt engine team around and it’s their specialty for all types of vehicles.

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Getting a rebuilt engine done in Montreal is easier than you think. Since many motor shops have disappeared, RMMOTEUR is more and more the leadingrebuilt engine shop in Montreal. (More)

RMMOTEUR staff focuses on rebuilt engine jobs and are the best of the best. Their more than 20 years experience makes any rebuilt engine project a certified success. In those years, they’ve done so many rebuilt engine jobs on so many types of vehicles that all types of rebuilt engine jobs have automatically become successful jobs. Their rebuilt engine skills are unparalleled in Montreal, as is their rebuilt engine equipment throughout their more than 22,000 sq. ft. plant. From marine motors to collector’s prize-winning cars, their rebuilt engine capabilities can handle any size project, no matter how old or new a motor is.


rebuilt engine at Montreal’s RMMOTEUR comes with a long-lasting rebuilt motor warranty. By giving your rebuilt engine project to RMMOTEUR, you can be sure of getting the best rebuilt engine mechanics in town.  (More)

Just walk in and meet the Perron Family running the rebuilt engine facility and get to know who’ll be working on your rebuilt engine project. They’ll explain what needs to be analyzed and done to get your rebuilt engine back on the road in no time. They have in stock every conceivable rebuilt engine part needed to go at it from start to finish in a jiffy. Their sophisticated rebuilt engine machinery can also shape, reshape and adjust any part of a rebuilt engine job allowing re-use of whatever good rebuilt engine part your motor might still have. Saving time and money on a rebuilt engine project is the best outcome for all, and the Perron Family will treat your right.


Ultimately, a rebuilt engine procedure can only benefit from having all the needed equipment and machine worked on by experienced and seasoned mechanics at ease in using sophisticated rebuilt engine equipment. (More)

Needing a rebuilt engine done the right way is what you’ll be getting at Montreal’s own RMMOTEUR. Since no type of motors holds any secrets to the Perron Family and staff, they’ll settle your rebuilt engine problems with ease and speed. Although so many things can go wrong in a motor, having done rebuilt enginework for more than two decades makes it easy for them to determine what the problems are. Some might thing of RMMOTEUR’s rebuilt engine mechanics as highly skilled musicians, able to listen and hear what a motor’s internal state is. And like an instrument, a motor will feel out-of tune if something is wrong with it. 


RMMOTEUR’s expert staff will not only listen to motors in need of a rebuilt engine job, they’ll also use sophisticated machinery and computer diagnostic tools to pinpoint what and where these problems lie. Inside and out, a rebuilt engine job will be over fast if you start off with the right people and tools. (More)

Doing rebuilt engine jobs year-in and year-out is the best way of never getting out of touch with today’s vehicles. Even if a vehicle isn’t that old, a rebuilt engineprocedure can heighten its performance and extend its actual usability by giving it many more years of good service. Companies and large-scale vehicle fleets count on expert mechanics to make their rebuilt engine investments worthwhile. Motor management is a good way on maintaining the best value on any fleet of vehicles and doing a few rebuilt engine jobs along the way helps keep it so. 

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