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REBUILT ENGINES IN MONTREAL - Rebuilt Engines in Montreal at RMMOTEUR.

rebuilt engines are RMMOTEUR’s everyday challenge. Rebuilt engines are a very good and economical way of maintaining a vehicle’s value. Fleet owners or industrial companies must keep their vehicles in top notch working order to do their job. Other parts of a vehicle can still be in perfect working order but if they can’t run, they’re useless. That’s where rebuilt engines can drastically extend a vehicle’s life and become the only economical solution. There are but a few realrebuilt engines shops around nowadays in the greater Montreal area, and RMMOTEUR is one of the most respected and trustworthy rebuilt enginesprovider capable of handling all types of vehicles and motors.

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Having rebuilt engines processed in Montreal is a great way to add savings if you’re operating in the greater Montreal area. RMMOTEUR picks-up and delivers all over Montreal and can process many rebuilt engines at a time. (More)

Mass producing rebuilt engines means having the staff and sophisticated equipment to get it done. You won’t find many motor shops that can handle manyrebuilt engines simultaneously. Since all rebuilt engines have to be looked at individually to ascertain what’s wrong with them, rebuilt engines need a highly competent group of advanced mechanics to do the job right the first time around. RMMOTEUR’s huge 22,000 sq. ft. plant can handle many types of rebuilt engines at a time. 


Rebuilt engines done at Montreal’s RMMOTEUR are delivered with rebuilt motor warranties. Getting rebuilt engines to perform as new ones is RMMOTEUR’s goal and they can rebuilt engines of all size and makes.  (More)

The Perron Family handling rebuilt engines manufacturing underscores that it’s a dedicated family-business involved with rebuilt engines for more that two decades. Normand and his two sons excel at rebuilt engines work and can be of great service to your vehicle. Not only do they have the know-how, the equipment and the space to rebuilt engines, but they also have all types of motor parts readily available to conduct their rebuilt engines procedure in the fastest possible way. If rebuilt engines must be as good as the originals, the Perron Family too has to be a well-oiled machine to handle individual or fleets of rebuilt engines at a time. 


In fact, rebuilt engines can only be achieved by really knowing and having on hand what all of these rebuilt engines need to get back on the road in tip top condition. (More)

Since vehicles needing rebuilt engines are immobilized vehicles, it’s imperative to be able to rebuilt engines fast and with the utmost efficiency to get them back on their wheels fast. Being very familiar with rebuilt engines work is the only way of achieving not only great results, but also having these results keep on performing day-in, day-out for long periods of time. If time is money for many individuals and companies, owning fleets of vehicles in need of rebuilt enginesmust also be accomplished to keep on conforming to this motto. 


RMMOTEUR’s mechanics have a wide variety of diagnostic tools available to them, including decades of hand-on experience in rebuilt engines. Computer-assisted diagnostics and other equipment enable them to identify what’s wrong and to rebuilt engines with the utmost confidence in the end results. (More)

Rebuilt engines are a work of love. The actual time needed to properly restructure, recreate and rebuilt engines makes it a highly dedicated job in of itself. That’s the level of commitment RMMOTEUR staff bring to rebuilt engines jobs every day. No where else will you find such a dedicated rebuilt engines crew capable of handling any type of motor ever manufactured.

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«Experience, expertise and unequalled quality in rebuilt engines jobs is the Perron family’s promise to their clients.»